Bus Simulator 1.2.0 MOD is a bus driving simulation game around the world, tran sporting tourists to the places they want. Released by Zuuks Games, with fascinating new content. Hack Bus Simulator 1.2.0 APK ( MOD Unlimited Money ) lets you transform into a bus driver, transport customers to every corner of the world. Collect money, unlock and upgrade buses and create the largest transportation company. Join the game, you not only take your passengers everywhere but you can also enjoy the scenery, travel here to your desired places. The game can be played well on Android IOS phones.

Bus Simulator: Ultimate 1.2.0 – Game driving a bus, shuttle passengers attractive

Bus Simulator brings 10 countries including: United States, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Brazil, Azerbaijan. Simulate many famous routes, elaborately beautiful construction of the above countries for you to explore. Become a driver, drive new buses. Go all the way, famous landmarks of 10 big countries. Promise this will give players a great experience of traveling as well as exploring the bus friends. Bus Simulator 1.2.0 ( MOD Unlimited Money ) with quite friendly interface, super nice 3D graphics system. Simulate authentic countries, recreating extremely accurate cultural identities along with extremely beautiful tourist destinations that are properly simulated. This will be a game for you to travel for free on your phone without missing any wonders.

Bus Simulator MOD

Become a driving driver

Do you dream of becoming a driver? You can find your dream in this game. In the game, you will become a driver driver trained in driving knowledge, traffic. Owning a very beautiful high-class bus, becoming a lot of customers. Starting the first tasks is to transport customers from one location to another. When completed you will receive money, experience points. Interesting, becoming a very simple bus driver. This is definitely something you will enjoy.

Serving all the passengers

Your job is to be the bus driver, your task is to shuttle and serve all customers for travel needs. Even for fastidious customers, you also need to serve. Based on the transportation industry mechanism, it has been incorporated into the game to reproduce accuracy and authenticity. Therefore, every time you pay a route, it will take customers to the location you need to be evaluated by the customer for the quality of service you provide. You will then receive money for your work. The game brings practical experiences, social interaction as well as specifics in the driving job. Certainly will bring compelling experiences.

Set up transportation company

Create your own large transportation company, transporting everyone in the 10 countries in the game. Build lots of reception offices everywhere, unlocking more buses to operate. Bus Simulator aims to be a great experience for those who want to become a driver, want to provide all the knowledge as well as what is in the industry. From there equip the player with the most needed.

Diverse bus system

There are 13 different types of buses available in the game system. You can select and unlock them to use when you have money. Therefore, MOD unlimited version will be useful for you, will help you unlock all cars in the garage. In a car garage, you can not only choose the buses, but you can upgrade them to be stronger, change the paint colors, change the interior of the car to your satisfaction.

Traveling in 10 countries

10 countries such as the United States, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Brazil and Azerbaijan are included in the game list. You can send customers to anywhere in these 10 countries. Go on historical tours, beautiful natural wonders, and more. To do that, you not only need cars, but also try to complete the assigned tasks. Then unlock the routes to the countries you want.

Incredible game graphics

Recreate 10 countries in the world, build great gameplay content along with realistic scenery. Built entirely on beautiful, sharp 3D graphics. Giving you the feeling of actually driving a car to travel, shuttle guests in real life. From buses, interiors, landscapes, routes, rest areas, travel or the weather system. Gameplay delineates everything as real as you can explore and experience.

Bus Simulator MOD apk

Hack Bus Simulator 1.2.0 APK – MOD Features

  • MOD infinite money. In the game you do not have to worry about money, because it has a lot for you to use freely.
  • The currency of MOD includes 99999999999 gold, 3 billion cash.

Download the Bus Simulator 1.2.0 MOD game – Become a bus driver

Bus Simulator 1.2.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money ) transforms you into a talented driver, discovering everywhere, traveling wherever you like. Perform the task of tran sporting customers, serving even the most demanding customers. Unlock all the most expensive buses, unlock routes, to beautiful countries. Download Hack Bus Simulator MOD to start the journey now, drive your favorite, to the places you want with your gameplay.

Money and Gold increase when spent!

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