Clean Road 1.6.3 MOD is a simulation of driving snow in the streets so that traffic and vehicles can travel easily. Join the game, players will be taken to the civilized city, with the influence of extremely severe weather. Specifically, heavy snowfall in the city, full of roads. You will transform into a snow cleaning worker, drive a cart to push snow to the curb and help cars and motorbikes of the people can walk. Hack Clean Road APK ( MOD Unlimited Money ) will help players experience more enjoyable, with the unlimited coin mod feature for you to use freely to buy the vehicles, snow removal in the store. The game was released by SayGames for Android IOS phones.

Clean Road 1.6.3 – A snow removal game on attractive streets

At first, you will be quite detailed instructions to be able to play the game. The system teaches you how to control the cart, clear the snow. Show players how to buy and upgrade other types of snow carts in the store. After that, the game will get harder and harder through game levels to challenge you. The higher the level, the more challenging, before obstacles and the trolley will go faster, so it requires the player not only to accurately control the vehicle in the right direction, but also to quickly observe the location of the who need help anymore. Promise Clean Road will be an interesting game, attractive and bring interesting experiences for you to participate.

Clean Road MOD

Clear the snow to rescue traffic

Play an important role in the travel and travel of the city. A lot of people are trapped, unable to travel by vehicles. Help them by driving the snowcarts, breaking the thick, hard ice. Look out for cars, motorbikes on the side of the road with yellow exclamation marks. Those are vehicles that are in need of your assistance, try to drive a snowmobile to help them. The gameplay is extremely simple, the gameplay is easy to understand but these are really challenging experiences.

Diverse snow trolley system

There are many different snow carts, many models and integrated different strengths for each vehicle. You will unlock the snowcarts according to each level. Each level you will have to spend a certain amount of money to buy, however, with the MOD version you do not have to worry about money problems, but comfortably unlock the car. The unlocking of the car, assembling your snowmobile is done in garege.

Many challenges for players

Hundreds of game levels have been created to challenge players. Your task is to skillfully, quickly and quickly operate the snowmobile to rescue vehicles stuck in the city. The difficulty will be higher when being gaming to high levels. At this time the car will go faster, more vehicles need rescue on the road.

High-level Graphics & Sound

In general, the game possesses a fairly simple but extremely beautiful interface. The graphics system is designed by 3D platform, everything is reproduced quite authentically. Very cute chibi pictures. The sound of the background music is quite vibrant, creating a joyful atmosphere not boring. You can turn off the sound or turn on the sound in the game at settings.

Clean Road MOD APK

Hack Clean Road APK | MOD FEATURES

  • Clear snow easily with many new unlocked vehicles with unlimited money.
  • MOD infinite money, money mod is coin. Star icon offline.
  • MOD 11111111111 coins. Use freely not afraid of everything.

Download Clean Road 1.6.3 MOD game | Clear the snow to free up traffic

Clean Road ( MOD Unlimited Money ) throws players into a job of snowmakers rescuing traffic in big cities. Bring the fun screen through the control of the snow cart. Download the Clean Road MOD game to experience and start the first challenge, rescue the trapped vehicles and explore more. Promise this will be an interesting game, bringing extremely high entertainment.

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