CSR Racing 2 APK or CSR Racing 2 2.9.3 MOD is a top-notch racing game on Android IOS mobile phones with novel gameplay, extremely beautiful graphics that bring you extremely amazing levels. This is a new game, with breakthroughs in design as well as gmeplay content, your unique experiences in the game will certainly be interesting. With the advanced technology, intelligent virtual reality updated in the game, the high-speed racing will become more realistic. Hack CSR Racing 2 APK ( MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked All, Anti-Ban ) experience this extremely powerful racing world on smart phones extremely interesting and 100% free on wmp game offline .

CSR Racing 2 2.9.3 MOD APK | Virtual reality technology racing game

Game description

CSR Racing 2 APK is a racing game that combines engaging and engaging virtual reality technology, giving gamers a lot of thrills to experience. In the game you will become a racer that can own a lot of super cars of famous brands such as Ford, Ferari, lamborghini, BMW, etc. … Luxury supercars with top speed of the peak for you to race on those The world’s No. 1 race track created by NPH. On the track, you need to overcome all your rivals, showing your ability to race, refuel on the road quickly to reach the finish line first. New in CSR Racing 2 (Mod Unlocked, Anti Ban, Money), it also allows you to show racing skins such as flipping, flipping, goat braking, etc. and many other interesting things for you to explore.

CSR Racing 2 APK

Platform supported

Two main phone operating systems are supported in the game: Android, iOS.Link (Link)

So that almost all current mobile phones can download this game to experience, enjoy the top racing screen on your own.

HACK MOD features APK

  • Unlock super cars, money (money), gold
  • Jerry has been unlocked
  • Mod has no time
  • All cars have been unlocked
  • Car IAP / Car boss / Cars FF8 / Cars hidden
  • Buy items with Cash, you receive Gold Stars
  • If you buy with Gold, you get Purple Stars
  • Unlock live races
  • There was no time to start the game
  • Fit phase 6 for free
  • Unlock all levels.
  • dyno free
  • 4000RP for each completed race (win or lose)
  • 1000RP for each fusion
  • 1000RP for each upgrade purchase
  • 1000RP each time you buy a car
  • Can sell car.
  • Unlimited fuel
  • Cash did not fall
  • gold did not fall

In addition, there are many more features mentioned above in CSR Racing 2 in Android IOS.


What are the highlights of CSR Racing 2?

Gameplay & gameplay

CSR Racing 2 brings players promising experiences of gameplay and gameplay. With a completely new style of racing, cool racing mechanics thanks to virtual reality technology for the most realistic racing feel. The content is taken care of quite carefully, players can experience any game mode they want, the option of super cars, etc. … Can understand the game is divided into two pairs, you need to compete, Destroy opponents with crushed cars to get ahead.

Interface and graphics

Still like Asphalt 8, 9, 10 APK in terms of interface design, graphics are still built on the sharp 3D graphics platform, vivid images to every detail. NPH applies AR technology to the game, so you will be able to perform many real operations such as seeing the details of the car when opening the car, many views for you to observe the car, the view when you race according to like like the first, the third.

Game mode

Match Race

The races match your current vehicle setting, the difficulty of the race does not decrease when upgrading your vehicle as in the prescribed races.

Easy, the opponent’s PP is below your two points.
On average, your opponent’s PP is the same as yours.
The opponent’s PP is higher than your two points (unless your performance is maximized, the opponent’s PP is also maximized and their movement increases to a more challenging state).

Test Drive

Race in a car from the dealer, in this mode, the decal reward is for the car from the dealership not one of your cars.


Another chance to win the Boss Boss through high-stakes challenges and crew members from Tiers 1-5 and World Tour, with whom you have been racing. They increased their PP Rank compared to their previous races in the Crew Battle.

Map – Race track

There are many maps for you to choose from in areas such as highways, cities, suburbs, deserts, coastal roads, forests, etc.

Mission system

There are many tasks that you need to perform when playing this racing game. In addition to racing, the ratio of winning and losing, you also need to equip and upgrade supercar to be stronger when racing at new levels. Play online racing, improve in-game rankings, etc.

Supercar system

Super cars in the game are very diverse in number, type of vehicle, manufacturer to choose from. Some notable names for you to explore are:

  • Acura NSX
  • Aston Martin DB11
  • BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage
  • Bugatti Chiron
  • BMW Z4 LCI E89
  • Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
  • Dodge Viper GTS
  • Ferrari 488 GTB
  • Genty Akylone
  • Ford Shelby GT350R
  • Ford GT
  • Lamborghini Asterion

Item shop

The item shop includes items related to your vehicle such as paint colors, mirrors, mirrors, vehicle components, fuel, engines, vehicle accessories, etc. All of the games are sold in the store. with reasonable prices. You can buy them all with gold or cash.

Player rankings

To get on the list of the best performing gamers in this game, you need to experience racing in online mode (CSR Racing 2 Online). You will race against real players, this is very difficult because of the extremely competitive. However, this is an interesting highlight that is interested by players around the world.

CSR Racing 2 MOD APK

INSTALL CSR Racing 2 2.9.3 MOD APK

Step 1: Download the MOD HACK APK + OBB Data file at the link below.

Step 2: Run and Install the Apk file to install the game (if not installed, review how to install the APK above.

Step 3: Extract the OBB DATA file. ZIP> Copy the entire file in the extracted folder “com.naturalmotion.customstreetracer2” to “Android / Obb /” (Use ES File Explorer Manager PRO )

Step 4: Play dentist.

Hack CSR Racing 2 APK

Download Hack CSR Racing 2 2.9.3 MOD APK | Become a real rider

CSR Racing 2 APK is a true high-speed racing game that allows you to become a true racer. In all aspects, the game has impressive highlights such as images, interfaces, graphics, maps and supercar system. Hack CSR Racing 2 APK ( MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked All, Anti-Ban ) you will race to see interesting and easier lots of new functions available, unlocking and supporting you as well. And which supercar do you race with today? Quickly install the game to play. WmpGameOffline wish you happy gaming!

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