Homescapes 3.3.8 MOD APK is a fun and engaging match-3 style puzzle game. The game throws you back into the days of intense childhood with a gameplay with familiar content such as puzzles, bricks, etc.The game was released by Playrix in September 2017 with many interesting things for gamers to spread out. Experience, promises to bring you the screen full of entertainment, fun and refreshing. Hack Homescapes 3.3.8 APK ( MOD Unlimited Stars, Coins, Lives ) with a beautiful interface, 3D graphics, sounds with vivid background music will definitely give you a lot of excitement when participating.

Homescapes 3.3.8 – Pairing objects, interior design for your home

Game description

Homescapes APK is a game that connects objects together in a match-3 style of play currently very popular. Quite easy to play, suitable for all ages. The game requires players to think to pair multiple objects together to complete the object for your home. As the latest intellectual game in 2017, the game has many interesting points that promise not to disappoint you when you play.

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Return to childhood with this super fun match-3 style puzzle game

Join the game, you will be taken to a home. However, this house still has nothing. Then you need to participate in playing and designing real furniture for your house through the gameplay screen from level 1 to level max. Each level you will successfully design any real furniture for your home. Continue like that until your house is full of everything, most comfortable.Link (Link)

To play the game, you just need to look on the screen to see if there are similar items, arranged close to each other in a horizontal or vertical row with a number of 3 objects, you need to pair it to record points and complete the map. furniture to bring to his house. Just as simple as home.

The device supports gameplay

This game supports mobile experiences, mobile phones running Android, iOS. With the configuration of the device at the love level can also play and successfully install this game because it is quite light and the gameplay is quite simple. If you use a PC, you can also use the emulator to experience.

Information about the publisher

Developed & published by Playrix in 2017. Playrix is ​​one of the leading game developers in the world today. Homescapes APK is one of many games that are taken care of and meticulously designed with interesting content for players to experience. The company has currently launched more than 50 apps and games on google play + app store,
Homescapes is also one of them released to the community.

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Game Homescapes For Android IOS
Match the pictures together to earn points and complete your objects

Floating point of the game extremely hot Homescapes

Gameplay & gameplay

New match-3 gameplay, players pair 3 objects together to complete that furniture and score. The gameplay is relatively simple, but requires a high level of intellectual ability to complete the game because it has a number of pairing rules. Rated as an interesting gameplay, bringing thinking and entertainment for players. This really is an attractive game worth a try for you.

Enhance your intellect

Do you want to train intellect? Do you want to have a mindset? Wmp Game Offline thinks the game Homescapes can help you do that easily. As an intellectual game, the puzzle solving genre is through pairing objects together. Players need to calculate to be able to pair the most furniture to be able to achieve the target score. You should try!

Real interior design for the house

What furniture does a house need? Do you want your house filled with furniture designed by you? Playing games, you will be free to create real objects and furniture that you want to decorate your beloved home. Some familiar furniture such as wardrobe, tables, chairs, beds, carpets, sofas, shelves, bookshelves, night lamps, mugs, pictures, souvenirs, etc. and many other things you can do in the game.

Game mode

The main game mode in the game is match-3 (this mode applies to single player). This game mode with Over 400 levels for you to experience. There are new elements such as Soap Foamer and Walnut. Match-3 is a new game mode, but it promises to bring you the gameplay gameplay bold.

Interface, graphics and sound

In general terms, The interface of the game is designed in a quite optimal way. Gives you an overview when playing games. Based on 3D graphics, everything in the game is 100% authentic. The house, the furniture are extremely lively. In terms of sound, the game only has funny background music when playing, adding a few sound effects to complete your furniture.

Mission system – level to overcome

The mission system is extremely diverse and rich with more than 400 levels for you to freely experience and try your own intellectual thinking. The difficulty level is higher and higher, so you need to try hard. How will you overcome these tasks?

Connect with Social Networks

Reach a high score and want to show off to your friends now! Homescapes allows you to connect to social networks to share interesting things you want to show off to your friends. Currently, there are many social networks linked such as Facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. You can refer to in the game.

Download the game Homescapes
Use colorful candies to match the most objects

Download Hack Homescapes 3.3.8 MOD APK – Experience a real interior design puzzle game for a house very well

Join the interior design of your house in the game Homescapes with this new Match-3 style of play. Go through hundreds of easy and difficult levels, achieve the highest score and complete the items you want to decorate your beautiful home. Hack Homescapes 3.3.8 APK ( MOD Unlimited Stars, Coins, Lives ) let’s get started. The installation link below allows you to choose the original version from NPH on google play + app store and Hack MOD Forever Stars version. Hope this game you will like, remember to like and share for Wmp Game Offline dentist. Thank You!

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