Hungry Shark Evolution or Hungry Shark Evolution 7.3.0 MOD APK is an interesting shark hunting game on Android IOS, it was released by Future Games of London. With new gameplay, easy-to-see interface and bright graphics, this is really a game that is worth your experience. If you are a person who likes to explore the ocean, experience what is in the deep sea, what aquatic animals, Hack Hungry Shark Evolution 7.3.0 APK ( MOD Unlimited Money, Gems, GOD Mode ) will throw you into a fish world. The fat hunts on the bottom of the most authentic ocean. You can both admire the beauty of the ocean, and can perform the action chase hunting with the hungry shark.

Hungry Shark Evolution 7.3.0 | Hungry shark game

Description of the game Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark or Hungry Shark Evolution is rated as an interesting game, it throws you into the ocean floor and becomes a hungry shark. In addition to discovering a vast ocean with diverse and rich marine life, you also have to hunt, you try to eat a lot of creatures smaller than you like fish, shrimp, crabs. , even people who are divers or tourists. You will get gold coins when hunting many creatures, you will also become bigger. In particular, in the game you also need to try to collect clams to be able to use it to buy lots of items or equip your hungry shark cooler. With a completely new gameplay, diverse tasks and giving you extremely interesting experiences for a hot summer … Go right to the bottom of the ocean and hunt with hungry sharks soon.

Hungry Shark Evolution APK

Outstanding dictionary of Hungry Shark Evolution is nothing HOT

Transformed into a shark

Incarnate right into a frantic hungry shark, you will eat every creature that swims before you no matter what. At first, you’re just a small shark, but once you’ve eaten a lot of sea creatures you’ll become big. The game content is quite similar to Big Fish Swallowing small fish, you will eat many other creatures as you grow bigger than them. A good point is that you have to try to hunt but still have to pay attention to the safety of your sharks such as landmines, traps in the ocean or ingesting poisonous creatures that will harm you. friend. You will be taken to different seas to open up new levels, each sea will have interesting creatures for you to explore.

Gameplay interface

For a comprehensive review, the Hungry Shark Evolution gameplay is extremely original, intuitive interface giving players the most realistic feeling when experiencing this game. Everything is designed on the basis of 3D graphics, realistic game sound of hunting activities, ocean sounds mingling with soft, vibrant or dramatic background music. As a game that outlines the scenery of the sea, recreates an ocean floor right on your phone and lets you become a predatory shark to explore. Very interesting, okay.

Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK

Game mode

Play indefinitely, hunt with your hungry shark with two main types of play: manual control and Calibrate.

Hand control

Using this game mode, you will be using a joystick, you can adjust the shark’s direction when moving it to different directions 360 degrees.


This is a good game mode, you need to tilt your phone in the direction to control your shark in the right direction to hunt.

Shark system

Shark system is extremely diverse and rich, with up to 15 species for you to choose. There are 5 species already available, you just need to buy it. Left you need to unlock all 5 available species in order for the system to show you.

Currently the game has 15 shark species including: Reef shark, Mako, Hammerhead, Tiger, Great White, Megalodon,

Shark skin is very much for you like: Wereshark, Lectro, ice, ROBO, Pyro, Natrasha the narwhal, GHost, Eleon,

Prey system

Many species of sea creatures let you hunt and eat meat, even humans. This is a list of prey you can eat: goldfish, turtles, crabs, shrimps, baby sharks, swimmers at the beach, divers, etc. However, you should avoid poisonous fish such as sea ​​urchins, jellyfish, sharks are bigger than you, spiny (poisonous) fish.

Hungry Shark Evolution MOD

Download Hack Hungry Shark Evolution 7.3.0 MOD APK | Control the shark to hunt

Hungry Shark Evolution APK is loved by many people because when you play you will explore the ocean, experience transforming into a giant shark to hunt, become an extremely interesting ocean lord on your phone. Android IOS. Hack Hungry Shark Evolution 7.3.0 APK ( MOD Unlimited Money, Gems, GOD Mode ) controls shark hunting, trying to find gold and lots of shellfish to unlock sharks and beautiful skin. This is a good, interesting pastime game that gives you an impressive entertainment opportunity.

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