Shadow Fight 3 1.20.2 MOD APK or ( Dark Warrior ) is a strong fighting martial arts fighting game. Join the game you will be thrown into the most dramatic martial arts match. The fight in Shadow Fight will end when someone falls, either you or the opponent. The game was developed by Nekki for mobile phones like Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Tablet. Hack Shadow Fight 3 1.20.2 APK ( MOD Money, Freeze Enemy ) is considered the best fighting game, martial arts, the game has currently released to 3 versions 1, 2 and 3 with many Changes in each version, interesting details for you to discover the experience.

Shadow Fight 3 1.20.2 – Fighting dark shadow fighting game, martial arts extremely strong


In the game, it is about a main character Shadow after the Gate of Shadow gate is opened. It was the main character’s mistake to unleash the power of darkness, and then he realized this mistake. In order to save the world from danger, the protagonist is determined to train, fight and destroy all the dark demons and imprison them.

Shadow Fight 3 MOD

Opening the fight, the game shows the player a very introductory video about the story of the game. Then you will transform into a samurai warrior with martial arts skills, physical strength, invincible. The task of the player is to accompany the main character, fighting to be able to seal back the demons. Then! Shadow Fight – The Shadow Warrior has officially begun.

Shadow Fight 3 is the inherited version of previous achievements of ver 2, this time it has a large change in design, gameplay content and a diverse and rich weapon system for you. The most impressive gaming experience. In terms of graphics and design, Shadow Fight 3 really has changed dramatically, everything looks more realistic. Martial arts moves, skill effects also become more perfect and eye-catching. Promises to throw you into a monumental gaming world.

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What are the highlights of Shadow Fight 3 in HOT?

Gameplay and gameplay

This is an impressive RPG game, it is inspired by famous games such as: Tekken, Mortal Kombat (Black Dragon). With a fighting gameplay, martial arts impressive combat of the dark warrior! When playing, you will be thrown into one of the largest arenas in Shadow Fight, players need to apply all the great techniques, martial arts to attack and defeat their opponents through the control buttons shown. displayed on the screen. As a new gameplay style, Shadow Fight version 2 and 3 is really a perfect choice for all gamers who are passionate about martial arts, fighting and fighting.

Game interface – graphics

The game interface design is quite simple but still paint a great beauty in the game. All designs in the game are quite realistic, vivid for players to feel like they are fighting, fighting in real life. Impressive 3D graphics technology, the game creates an interesting look for the player.

Sound in the game

The sound in the game is basically the majestic and magnificent background music. Especially in this version 2, 3, you will also experience the sounds of countervailing activities such as: dark warriors tossing in the afternoon, character breathing, movement, etc … extremely interesting.

Shadow Fight 2 and 3 games
Use weapons to destroy, attack and knock opponents easier

Game mode


Fight sequentially with 24 enemies, each consisting of 2 rounds, each with 99 seconds for you. If you win, you will earn a lot of gold. Hitting the 12th enemy you will be able to meet the Challenger (Challenger) with quite high difficulty.


Fight continuously to fight against 10 enemies without losing once. You need to survive until the very end, leaving you alone. After each match you will be healed, but only a little blood. This is the easiest mode to earn gold.

Duels (arena)

This mode players need to connect to the network to experience, the common part of this mode is gold and Ascension ticket. In mode you need to use weapons to fight. You can play in chapter 2.

Ascension (Sublimation)

The mode appears only in Chapter 2: Secret Path (Act II: Secret Path).

Join the mode you will be led by Puppeter (Magician) to the top of Ascension, and each time you need 3 tickets or buy 10 tickets with 80 rubies to start.

This mode requires you to win 5 consecutive translators without losing. If not you need to earn tickets to be able to enter again.


The mode of this regime is normal. Gameplay content with Tournament mode but will apply special conditions for each match you will experience. This is a fairly difficult mode, who needs to overcome the challenges available.

Eclipse (Eclipse)

This mode you will participate when you defeat and destroy Boss 1 (Lynx). This server is online so you must have an internet connection to play and log in your account & lose your password.

There are 7 levels for you to experience. The higher the level, the higher boss you will hunt, corresponding to the gift is also more valuable.

There are 3 floors with the following bosses (Eternals):

Level 2: Fatum (level 4), Arkhos (level 5), Hoaxen (level 6)

Level 1: Volcanic, Megalith, Fungus (level 1), Vortex (level 3)

Maps – the arena

In versions 2 and 3, Nekki Games Limited has added quite a lot of maps (maps) for you to freely choose and explore in the game. With a system of nearly 100 randomly appearing maps, Shadow Fight promises to bring you impressive experiences.


The system of characters is quite numerous. There are many shadow warriors to choose from. Some names besides the main characters include: Trickster, Hawk, Rose, Fisher, Naginata, Katana, Wanderer’s Staff, Outcast, Ronin and Nova, Nunchacku, Heavy Kusarigama, Ronin Dadao and Spiny Knuckles, etc. You choose the hero. come on!

Mechanism of character control

There are two positions that control your character. On the left of the phone screen, there is a 360-degree usable button, with arrows. On the right of the screen are two buttons shaped fists and a table (The symbol uses hands and feet to attack. Shadow Fight you need to combine these control buttons to create a martial arts move. You need to read How to apply the kernel’s moves in the tutorial.


Weapon system in the game is quite impressive, many weapons for you to choose such as knives, knives, swords, axes, sickles, tapered, maces, etc … and many new weapons for gamers to use to destroy enemy.

Mission system

Join the game mode, in turn you will receive the tasks that need to be done in the game. When playing, you need to perform and complete all tasks in the game, because you need to go to the previous screen to be able to experience the next screen.

Shadow Fight 3 and 2 games
The screen comba has hand, eye effects graphics in the game

Download Hack Shadow Fight 3 1.20.2 MOD APK – Fight, strong opposition with shadow warriors

Shadow Fight 3 MOD is a fighting martial arts fighting game with bold characteristics of shadow warriors, joining the game you have the opportunity to transform into a lot of super powerful warriors and terrible weapons to destroy and seal. Haunted forces have reworked the world. With an impressive interface, 3D graphics, realistic sound and a compelling gameplay, I WMP Game Offline thinks that Shadow Fight is really a perfect choice for everyone. You can Download Hack Shadow Fight 3 1.20.2 APK ( MOD Money, Freeze Enemy ) suitable versions at the link below .. With the original download links such as Google Play and App Store, Hack MOD full version again. Choose to install offline.

MOD Note: To freeze the enemy: when the enemy will jump, hit him and he freezes. If you jump and you hit in a jump, you, too, will freeze.

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