Sonic Dash 4.8.1 MOD is an endless Dash style game associated with each person’s childhood. Run straight ahead, collect gold coins, other items and overcome obstacles is what you need to do. With bright 3D graphics, character design and extremely bold personality. Promise this will be an interesting gameplay for all players to explore. Hack Sonic Dash 4.8.1 APK ( MOD Unlimited Money, Rings, Unlocked ) gives players thousands of challenges, increasing difficulty as you run as far from the starting point. Playing the game, requires the player to be smart, quick to quickly control the character. Try to collect as many gold circles, items and score the highest.

Sonic Dash 4.8.1 – Game run endless interesting style Dash

Sonic Dash was released by SEGA as one of the best action games with endless content. Meticulous investment in design, image quality. The publisher has removed so much brainpower to get an extremely interesting game content. The more you play the more you try as you try to break through the game milestones you have achieved. Run non-stop ahead, explore the endless and endless roads and many dangers lurking in you. Sonic Dash MOD (Unlimited Money, Rings, Unlock) will help you to experience this game more interesting, run better with many support items, unlock all for you to use, adding many great effects. beautiful too. Enjoy new sensations, see the beautiful land when running, perform fierce action from enemies while playing games. Do you want to try ?

Sonic Dash MOD APK

Gameplay and gameplay

With a different style of play. Run non-stop to get high score. Swipe to control the character is easy. Try to help DASH sit down, jump up, left, right to avoid obstacles and adjust the running direction. Join the game, you will become a green hedgehog and run. You can then unlock more characters to explore. Brings a lot of effects such as fast running, immortality, high jump, self-direction, etc. … when you receive the corresponding item. This is really an interesting game for you to experience on Android IOS phones.

Two interesting game modes

With interesting game modes including SONI and DASH. Each game mode offers unique and engaging experiences. In SONI mode, the character will automatically run endlessly, you will control to try to run as far as possible to score high scores. With DASH mode, the character has freed the moves, the character will run with incredible speed and frantic, destroying everything along the way.

Terrific graphics

Possesses a huge graphics system, designed entirely by 3D graphics. All exquisite design, giving you a perfect look from the interface to the gameplay animations. Design everything realistically, like you’re running yourself on an endless road at high speed. The feeling of fighting the boss is as real as it is, bringing beautiful scenes thanks to the beautiful graphics and sega system.

Items – running track

Items in the game are extremely diverse. Design a lot of items to support our characters running endlessly. Some items include: shoes, money, gift boxes, money chests, keys, etc. Sonic Dash possesses an endless long run, players will run forever without ever reaching the finish line. Extremely beautiful design, from the highways, underground roads with many different styles for you to explore more new lands.

Character system

Including 7 main characters in this game. Typically you can use Sonic the first time. Then unlock characters like Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Blaze, Rouge with golden circles. It will be difficult to do this when you use the original version, but with this MOD version you have to unlock them all. You can also upgrade your character more eye-catching, increase more power.

Fight with BOSS

To increase the dramatic part of the game, your task has not stopped at endless running. Players must just run, just fighting action and attack the boss again. Destroy the boss by moving to avoid attacks with weapons that the boss caused, and attack to defeat it. With a terrible boss system, diverse and hierarchical according to each difficulty that you reach. Promise this will be an interesting experience for you.

Sonic Dash MOD

Hack Sonic Dash 4.8.1 APK – FEATURES MOD

  • MOD unlimited money for you to use freely. Buying things does not run out of money
  • MOD infinite ring, lots of rings.
  • MOD unlocks all. Everything is unlocked for you to experience.

Download game Sonic Dash 4.8.1 MOD – Releasing relentless race

Sonic Dash brings you new experiences. Train your eyes fast hands combine your dexterity. Giving you the feeling of action, overcome obstacles along with beautiful land. Download Hack Sonic Dash 4.8.1 APK ( MOD Unlimited Money, Rings, Unlocked ) to start entering the game, run endlessly according to your style. How far will you run, what is your score, and what areas will you reach in the game? Play the game to experience it now!

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