Subway Surfers or Subway Surfers 1.115.0 MOD APK is a relentless running game, endless train tracks released by Kiloo and SYBO Games. Join the game you will transform into a naughty guy or girl chased by inspectors and his dog for graffiti boarding and Railroad. Players need to be clever to overcome obstacles (ships, signs, barrels, etc.) to not be grabbed. Hack Subway Surfers APK ( MOD Unlimited Coins, Keys ) throws you into a world of endless rails and trams, you will run forever without reaching the destination until he is captured by the inspector. Promise this is an interesting game for you to explore and entertain after hours of hard work and study.

Subway Surfers 1.115.0 MOD APK | Endless Running Endless

Description of Subway Surfers game

Subway Surfers APK is considered a blockbuster endless running action game extremely attractive to bring players impressive experiences. Run non-stop to escape the inspection, cleverly tram tram, obstacles and collect gold coins. Pick up support items like shoes, boards, magnets, jetpacks for better gaming. There are many interesting items and components for you to explore in the game, all in the shop for you to buy and use it freely. With beautiful interface, lovely chibi graphic design, the game promises to make you satisfied.

Subway Surfers apk

Subway Surfers | The Game Version

Currently the game has many versions, it is updated through the years and suitable for each event to make you experience more interesting.Link (Link)

The update history of the game starts from 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. With game versions including: World Tour: New York, Rio, Rome, Sydney, Tokyo, Miami, Paris , Beijing, Moscow, New Orleans, London, Las Vegas, Peru, Marrakesh, Shanghai, Miami, Barcelona, ​​Singapore, Mexico. Some versions of events such as mid-autumn festival, Tet, halloween, etc. Definitely do not let you down.

Subway Surfers MOD APK | Mod feature

Bản MOD APK Thường
– MOD Unlimited keys
– MOD Unlimited coins
– MOD Unlocked
– Modd Free Shopping
– Mod Double, super Jump
– Mod Unlimited Hover-board, Score Booster
– Mod Unlimited Mega Head-start
– Mod Double coins

Highlights of Subway Surfers nothing interesting

Endless run without stopping

The gameplay in the game is extremely simple, but it attracts all gamers, only in the form of running the train, the main obstacle and scoring the highest score, losing gold coins is all you will Get discovered and experience in this game. With relatively easy to understand rules such as swiping right, left, up (jump), down (lie) to control the character. Not to crash into the wall, the ships stood still or went in the opposite direction. This is really a game worthy for you, in addition to entertainment opportunities, it also helps you train your mind, quick hands and eyes in every moment you transform into a naughty character in the game chased by inspectors.

Interface – graphics and sound

An intuitive interface, face-to-face with meticulous design on the basis of extremely impressive 3D graphics, it lives up to and is as realistic as you are being chased on a real train track. Being appreciated for designing everything in this game itself, even the smallest details are made quite thoughtful and lively. Great game sound, throwing you into an environment on real train tracks. With dramatic action background music, the sound of the train ringing, the inspector blowing the whistle and the dog screaming, especially with the sound of the character that you play happily and mischievously create an atmosphere of infinite gameplay Poisonous and strange together.

Character system

The characters in the game are extremely beautifully designed, with two main genders, male and female. The characters are designed in many different fashion styles, especially the gesture of the characters is extremely realistic, flexible and flexible like in real life. The main names in the game include: Jake, Miss Maia, Boombot, Dino, Alba, Hugo, Lauren, Frank, Frizzy, King, Lucy, Ninja, Tagbot, Tasha, Zoe, Prody, PrinceK, Fresh, Spike, Yutani.

Costumes for characters

Each character has a pretty impressive outfit for you to explore. Some of the favorite costumes are: Core Crew, Gadget Outfit, Rock Outfit, Funk, Sport, Camo, Heart, Dark, Start, Houston Surfer, Rurich, Mountain, Washington DC, Tally, Pilot, Clown, Tiger, Rasta , Gold, Count, Royal, Goth, Steam, Yang, Flame, Space, Toy, Cheer, Gym, Curly, Biker, Posh, Chil, Jag, Shime ..

Item system

The system of items is extremely diverse and the room is rich for you to explore freely, with many items that you often encounter in the game. Below full WmpGameOffline will summarize all for you to capture offline.


Các ván trượt trong game gồm: Hoverboard, Starcruiser, Splash, Lowrider, Daredevil, Great White, Windglider, Scoot, Lumberjack, Superhero, Big Kahuma, sunset, Monster, Bass Blaster, Skull Fire, Teleporter, Hot Rod, Bouncer, Freestyler..


Each aerosol will allow you to spray different images, the aerosols when used will exist at a certain time. Some aerosols include: Mission Master, The Merries, Super Surfer Agent, Broad Rider, I got the power, Locking Good, Coutious, High Jumper, Trophy Hunter, Chaser.

Items picked up in the game

While running from the chase of the inspector, you can pick up other support items such as: Hoverbord, Mystery Box, Score Booster, Headstart, Jetpack, Super Sneakers, Coin Maget, Mutiplayer, Gold Money, Key (Key), etc.

Subway Surfers mod

Missions and gifts

Your task system in the game has been built. Every time you complete a mission, you will receive gifts such as Key, Lucky Box, X2 items, Gold coins, diamonds, skateboards, shoes, characters or costumes.

Top RUN | Player rankings

Top run means that the best players scored the highest score. New feature is updated game in 2019 with high synchronization and instant score. Currently the game has 4 main levels to divide the top run of Subway Surfers.

– Diamond (Diamond)
– Gold (Gold
– Silver (Silver)
– Bronze (Bronze).

Currently, the highest player is Friend with 1000000 points, Homie with 600000 points, Mate with 400000 VND.

Other Features in the game

Other features in the game are all updated in the ingame installation. Features include music, sound effects, language (english, brazin), Facebook connection, contact support. There are many other features in the game that you will find interesting.

Subway Surfers mod apk

Download Hack Subway Surfers 1.115.0 MOD APK | Run to get rid of inspectors and dogs

Subway Surfers APK is considered a cool running game similar to Temple Run 2, but the context of the game has changed completely to run the train with a completely new story. Experience a fascinating game with a simple gameplay, more to let you explore with the system graphics, interface and impressive impressive sound. Hack Subway Surfers APK ( MOD Unlimited Coins, Keys ) to transform into naughty children, sabotage the train and experience the fast-running phase to escape the pursuit of the inspector and his dog Please. You can install the game for Android IOS for free from Wmp Game Offline.

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