Tiles Hop EDM Rush 3.1.0 MOD is a game that controls the ball moving forward according to the music rhythm. Released by AMANOTES, with an extremely unique gameplay that throws you into an incredibly vibrant music world. Hack Tiles Hop EDM Rush 3.1.0 APK ( MOD Unlimited Money ) owns a pretty bright interface, 3D graphics combined with a huge, vibrant sound system. The game brings a huge world of music, many genres as well as famous artists for in the game. If you like Son Tung MTP’s music, this is really a right choice.

Tiles Hop EDM Rush 3.1.0 – The game plays to the rhythm of music

The beginning of gameplay is to choose for themselves a favorite song. There are many types of music to choose from, the game allows you to listen to music and have a very unique entertainment. Tiles Hop EDM Rush is designed by a beautiful, intuitive interface for players to manipulate or select everything. Game players and music play always go hand in hand, giving players the most enjoyable experience. It is appreciated in the genre of rhythm music games, in addition to the available music you can add to the system of good songs and mv to enjoy more.

Tiles Hop EDM Rush MOD

Play makes a difference

Different from the exact game genre about the genre of music you’ve ever played. It makes a big breakthrough, turning music not only to listen but also to interact with the rhythm to create a complete entertainment space. Join the game, you will control a moving ball jumping to the color squares according to music. The song will stop if you let the ball slide off the squares. So you need dexterity, fast hands as well as sharp eyes to control that most accurately.

Thousands of songs & MVs

You are a music lover, all genres are integrated into the game for you to choose to experience. The famous MVs cult in the country and abroad. Some of the artists included in the game include: MTP Son Tung, Jack, etc. The international EDM artists include: Alan Walker, Martin Garrix, Lost Frequencies, Felix Jaehn, Jasmine, etc. … Popular songs include Fade, please give to him, lost, turbulent, run right away, silver fate, etc …

Diverse game context

The context of the game varies and varies with each song as well as the speed of the player experience. The scenery is almost quite beautiful, with nature and tranquility. With such a unique setting and setting, the game promises to be a great content for you. In the current system there are more than 20+ backgrounds and effects, each scene is designed with great colors for you to look very attractive.

Nice shadow system

Hundreds of balls designed with beautiful colors and different colors for you to explore. Unlock each ball in order of level with the bonus money each game match. That is indeed an interesting thing for players. Each ball will bring you new and attractive effects while playing. Try to own lots of balls.

Tiles Hop EDM Rush MOD APK

Hack Tiles Hop EDM Rush 3.1.0 APK | MOD FEATURES

  • MOD Unlimited money for you to comfortably unlock balls, unlock songs to experience.
  • Specifically MOD 777777777 diamonds for your unlimited use.

Download Tiles Hop EDM Rush 3.1.0 MOD game – Play ball with music

Tiles Hop EDM Rush 3.1.0 ( MOD Unlimited Money ) takes players into a world of giant music, EDM music, young music, etc … with all genres. Bring a music entertainment space in the form of extremely attractive ball game. Download Tiles Hop EDM Rush MOD game to experience you can listen to music, and control the moving ball for entertainment. Great for this all new game, check it out now!

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